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Praise for Consent: A Memoir of Unwanted Attention

"Freitas recounts with great thoughtfulness how her perception of the power differential between [herself and her stalker], as well as her faith in the religious and educational institutions she'd grown up with, lulled her into susceptibility and disbelief." —New York Times Book Review

"Donna Freitas combs through the emotional knots that form when a mentor's attention becomes inappropriate and manipulative. With sharp attention, she separates the many strands of consent one by one. A riveting, significant examination of the forces that push a student into silence about unwanted attention." —Idra Novey, award-winning author of Those Who Knew and Ways to Disappear

"A meticulously recounted memoir of building dread, that pushes our understanding of power and its abuses. Freitas's story complicates and illuminates our ideas about harassment and harm, showing how it doesn't just begin and end within the confines of physical contact: it infiltrates our own heads, is enabled by the very structures that are supposed to be our recourse from it but too often work to cover it up."—Rebecca Traister, New York Times bestselling author of Good and Mad

"In Consent, Donna Freitas writes an experience many women know all too well: Being stalked. What makes this book is uniquely powerful is Freitas's particular expertise in this area: She is a scholar and speaker on issues of consent, religion, Title IX, and sex on college campuses." —Bustle

"A groundbreaking resource for educators, administrators, students, and survivors, the book explores an issue many would prefer to ignore.A potent memoir of stalking with special resonance in the era of #MeToo.

—Kirkus, starred review

About Donna Freitas

Donna Freitas is the author of fiction and nonfiction, as well as novels for young adults and middle grade readers. Her most recent book is Consent: A Memoir of Unwanted Attention (Little, Brown 2019), and her novel, The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano (Pamela Dorman Books / Viking) is forthcoming in March 2021. Donna is also a professor and researcher on topics related to sex on campus, Title IX, and sexual assault, as well as social media and young adults. Donna has spoken about her research at more than 200 colleges and universities across the United States. She has appeared on NPR, The Today Show, and many other radio and news programs to talk about her her work, and her writing has been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The LA Times, among other places. She lives in Brooklyn.