Writing Coaching / Manuscript Consultations


When free time permits, Donna works with writers—both published and unpublished—on their book projects. She has helped many writers over the years from start to finish on their books, and loves the experience—from conception, to the writing of the book itself, to revisions and prep to send out to editors or agents. She especially loves book doctoring, big picture consults about structure, and /or plot.


Donna works across many genres – fiction and memoir for adults, YA and Middle Grade fiction, as well as trade and academic nonfiction for academics seeking to either publish their first book for tenure, or shift from academic writing into trade nonfiction based on their research or theoretical backgrounds.


Full Manuscript Read / Consultation / Book Doctoring


If you have a manuscript in progress that needs another eye, a major revision, or is in its final stages as you get ready to send out to agents, Donna is experienced at all stages of revision and all manner of doctoring—from plot doctoring for the novel, to finding the voice / narrative arc in a memoir, to reimagining one’s academic project for publishers as opposed to one’s dissertation committee. 


Full manuscript reads, include two online one-on-one conversations (one before the read, and one after the read), start at $3500.


Manuscript-in-Progress Consultation


Work with Donna to develop a schedule for producing a full-length manuscript over the course of six months to a year, depending on the project and the writer’s needs. Donna will set once-per-month deadlines for submissions, with an eye toward finishing the book project in the designated time, which will be followed up with a one-on-one online consult each month. This includes monthly progress feedback, a full manuscript read / feedback consult after the designated time period ends, and limited email contact.


Fees for a month-to-month, full book consult, start at $7,500.


Individual Writing Consult 


For those writers in need of a single brainstorming session for plot, narrative arc/structure, proposal work, craft discussion, or other early to mid-project needs, Donna will set up an individual session online, and read up to 20 pages before the session.


Fee for an individual Writing Consult: $500.